Firefighter Files Claim for Improperly Calculated Overtime Wages

Many Texas employees depend on the money earned from overtime to help support their families. If the payment is not calculated correctly, it may cause undue hardship. A firefighter in another state alleges that he and his co-workers were not given the proper wages for the hours that they spent working overtime.

According to the plaintiff, most of the firefighters for the department perform more than just one job function. Many of the workers are also trained to be certified EMTs. The man claims that first responders are not being paid overtime for both of their job functions.

The plaintiff alleges that the firefighters were not paid correctly for overtime when they were acting as EMTs. The difference in the pay could be anywhere between 64 to 68 cents per hour. The total discrepancy per hour would not exceed $1 for any of the plaintiffs. The amount each plaintiff would be owed would vary based upon how many hours of overtime each person worked. For some, it could be thousands of dollars in back overtime wages.

The city had a meeting and decided to put an end to the lawsuit and settle the complaint. The main plaintiff hopes that this will be how similarly situated firefighters who are specially trained and certified will be paid going forward. It is a best practice for workers in Texas to document the number of hours that they work and how much they should be paid, particularly when it comes to overtime. If there is a paycheck discrepancy and the matter is not resolved, the workers may then choose to move forward with legal actions to attempt to reclaim the wages they believe are due to them.

Source:, "Augusta offering a settlement in firefighter overtime lawsuit", Kelly Wiley, July 15, 2015