Female Intern Wins $18m for Her Sexual Harassment Claim

Working as an intern can be a great way for people to gain experience and potentially have a successful career in the future. Unfortunately, sometimes these Texas workers are forced into uncomfortable sexual harassment situations and threatened if they do not comply with the requests being made of them. A former marketing intern for the CEO of New York Global Group claims this is what happened to her.

The woman met the company CEO at a party, and he hired her as his intern. She claims that he immediately began to make sexual advances toward her. The CEO also rented her an apartment and would take her out to expensive places. The plaintiff alleges that twice he got a single-bed business room in the hopes of having sex with her, but she declined his advances.

The plaintiff explained that she eventually consented and had sex with the defendant several times. She allegedly only did this so that she would not lose her work visa and her apartment. When she refused, he purportedly threatened her position in the company. On one occasion the defendant visited the apartment while the plaintiff was not there to find her boyfriend in her bed. This allegedly outraged the CEO, who threw the man out and then later threw the woman out of the apartment.

The next day, the plaintiff was fired and she returned home to Sweden, but the harassment did not stop there. The defendant apparently continued to harass her and followed her to her new place of employment. Having had enough, the woman filed a sexual harassment complaint and was awarded $18 million. Sexual harassment in the workplace violates state and federal laws, and Texas workers who are victims of this unlawful conduct can turn to the legal system for assistance.

Source: nextshark.com, "Wall Street Intern Wins $18 Million in Epic Sexual Harassment Lawsuit", Sebastian Dillon, June 30, 2016