Bakery Owners Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Employee

Fans of sweet treats in Texas may be familiar with Emily's bakery that is owned by a woman and her husband. The establishment has recently been making headlines over sexual harassment claims that have been brought against the owners by one of its former employees. Since the claim was introduced last week, two more women have spoken up about having similar experiences.

The plaintiff alleges that the owner's husband would make her feel uncomfortable at work and ultimately made her leave her job. She claims that he would try to block the door when she would attempt to leave so that she could hug her. The husband is also being accused of licking her coffee mug, sniffing her hair, and trying to touch her inappropriately.

The attorney for the plaintiff had spoken to other women who had worked at the bakery up to 12 years prior. One of the women said that she had read the story about what happened to the plaintiff, and it was very familiar to her. She recalls the husband being physically intense with the women by trying to hug them and brushing up against them. Another woman recounted how she had worked there when she was very young, and the husband had tried to touch her, and she had to speak out to get him to stop. A third woman also recalled similar inappropriate behavior.

All of the other women are not able to join the complaint because the statute of limitations for sexual harassment claims in the state in which the complaint was filed had already expired. The defendants' lawyer stated that he has looked into the allegations and does not believe that there was any retaliation or sexual harassment. The owners contend that the plaintiff attempted to persuade the defendants to turn over ownership of the bakery in exchange for her not coming forward with the sexual harassment complaints. The plaintiff's lawyer is highly doubtful that such an exchange ever happened. Being made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace is unacceptable, and those who feel victimized in Texas and elsewhere can turn to the court system to right the wrongs against them.

Source:, "More women allege sexual harassment against owners of Emily's bakery in Santa Cruz", Stephen Baxter, July 22, 2015