Woman says she was fired because of pregnancy discrimination

A pharmaceutical representative for ASD Specialty Healthcare Inc. claims that, after a tumultuous past with her supervisor, things got worse when she announced her pregnancy. She believes that she received unfair treatment from her Texas employer and was ultimately fired due to pregnancy discrimination. The plaintiff claimed that she did well with her sales and always received positive reviews. She had even won awards, but everything changed after she began reporting to a new supervisor. 

In her complaint, she says that she was reprimanded by her new supervisor for not making as many sales calls as her co-workers, even though there was no policy in place listing a required number of calls to make. She was also called a whistleblower because she reported derogatory remarks and other complaints to human resources. To get away from the situation, she requested that she be moved to a different position, but her request was allegedly denied.

When she told her supervisor that she was pregnant, she claims that her treatment worsened. The vice president had asked the plaintiff to apply for a position on his team because she was believed to be the best candidate, but after she said that she was pregnant, she allegedly was told she was no longer the most qualified and another woman got the job. The plaintiff claims she was using her paid time off to attend her doctor visits, but her supervisor told her that she must work through her lunches to make up for the time, even though she had vacation time left to use. Ultimately, she was fired for time-clock violations.

She filed a pregnancy discrimination claim against the company and AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group. Additionally, she claims that the defendants also interfered when she attempted to get employment elsewhere by telling her prospective employer that she was fired for time-clock fraud. Texas employees who believe that they are the victims of discrimination can elect to take legal action. Based on evidence of discrimination, the workers may be awarded lost wages, monetary damages and possible reinstatement, if applicable.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Woman says she was fired because of pregnancy", Annie Cosby, Jan. 26, 2015