Invasive text messages lead to a woman's sexual harassment claim

It can be difficult for workers to adjust to their boss initially when starting a new job, but the melding process generally becomes easier over time. There is a fine line between employees being treated with kindness and sexual harassment. That is what a woman claims happened to her when she transferred jobs to work for a neurosurgeon in Texas.

According to her complaint, the woman was recruited by the doctor, prompting her to leave her former position at a health care system in an adjacent state. She was working for the defendant for a short period of time when she claims that she began receiving numerous text messages from the doctor. She believed that messages were initially only the doctor being friendly, but she claims that they eventually morphed into harassment and constant pressure to delve further into her personal life.

She claims that the doctor called her the nickname "Princess" and sent her messages telling her that he missed her. When the plaintiff went on the trip to visit a male friend, the doctor allegedly inquired if she was having sex with the friend and encouraged her to do so. The woman asserts that the doctor stated that he wanted to have sex with her and was physically invasive by subjecting her to unwanted hugs and untoward behavior.

After a company Christmas party, the plaintiff asserts that she felt forced to quit after the doctor handed out sex toys as gifts. Due to the alleged sexual harassment, the woman alleges that she was humiliated, forced to move and had to seek treatment for the emotional duress. The attorney for the Texas neurosurgeon stated that the claims against the doctor will be easily proved false. Nevertheless, if documented evidence establishes that the woman's claims are true, a civil court may award her monetary damages.

Source:, "Waco neurosurgeon named in sexual harassment lawsuit", Tommy Witherspoon, Feb. 13, 2015