Fast food worker claims her termination was based on retaliation

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but reporting wrongdoing normally does not result in workers being fired; nevertheless, that is what a former fast food employee claims happened with regard to her employment. The woman worked for fast food giant KFC -- which has locations in Texas and across the country -- as well as Tri-State Food Systems and claims that she was fired for reporting illegal activity concerning one of her co-workers. She believes that her termination was an act of retaliation. The plaintiff claims that while she was working, she observed a co-worker receiving marijuana from someone through the window of the drive-thru station. After seeing the transaction, she claims she told her co-worker to throw the drugs away.

After the incident, the plaintiff apparently alerted her manager to what had transpired. She was directed to have her co-worker prepare and execute a Personal Improvement Plan. She also says she was instructed to send the employee home from work early. Reportedly, the co-worker became irate and threatened the jobs of her managers. The plaintiff says that she alerted her supervisor by text of the threats and told him that she had done as instructed.

Three days after the incident, the plaintiff claims her supervisor texted her and informed her that she should not come to work the next day. A day later, she purportedly received a call from human resources telling her that the incident was being investigated and that she would be contacted. She asserts that she met with human resources afterwards and nothing was mentioned about her possibly losing her job, but she received a letter of termination two days later that was dated on the same day as her meeting.

The letter purportedly stated that the reason for her being fired was because she did not act professionally. The plaintiff claims that she was not given any disciplinary action or warnings that she was doing anything to jeopardize her job. She believes that the reason for her termination was because the defendants retaliated against her for reporting the marijuana incident. Texas workers who feel that they suffered a wrongful termination may choose to move forward with a claim for monetary damages sustained and, in appropriate circumstances, reinstatement.

Source:, "Woman accuses KFC of wrongful termination", Kyla Asbury, Feb. 3, 2015