Seizures May Be the Cause of a Woman's Employment Discrimination

Some level of stress can be expected in the workplace, but a hostile work environment is never acceptable. Emotional distress has the possibility of manifesting into physical symptoms that can negatively impact the worker's health. A former employee of Hunt Regional Medical Center in Texas claims that she lost her job and was the victim of employment discrimination due to her disability.

The plaintiff worked for the medical center in the microbiology department as a lab technician. She alleges that the management staff would harass and demean her regularly. As a result of the emotional distress from the harassment, the woman claims that she began to have seizures.

On one occasion, the plaintiff alleges that she had a seizure that was severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. After being treated, she was instructed by her doctor not to return to work for two days. She heeded the doctor's orders and took the time away from work, but, once she returned to work two days later, she claims she was fired.

The plaintiff believes she was fired in retaliation to her disability. She claims that her employment discrimination is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Her complaint was filed in a Texas federal court, and she is seeking her lost income, legal costs, and monetary damages for her case. It is illegal for employers to retaliate against their employees in any manner because of their medical conditions or disabilities. Workers who feel that they have discriminated against or otherwise mistreated have the right to pursue legal recourse.

Source:, "Lab technician alleges Hunt Regional Medical Center guilty of disability discrimination", Robbie Hargett, Nov. 28, 2015