Woman Claims Reporting Suspicious Activity Led to Her Termination

Reporting suspected wrongdoing is not always easy, but it is not necessarily always rewarded either. A woman who worked for the Cedar Crest Hospital in Texas claims that she lost her job for reporting suspicious, unethical behavior. Following her termination, she filed a claim against the hospital in an attempt to achieve justice.

The plaintiff claims she noticed the insurance companies were being billed for services that patients never received. Being disturbed by this, she told the hospitals' parent corporation Acadia Healthcare what she had discovered. She alleges that the hospital removed the non-rendered services prior to an audit being conducted.

Five days after the audit, the plaintiff claims that the retaliation against her started. She claims that she was reassigned to work as a military marketer instead of as the director of business development. In the marketer position, she was required to travel by car two days each week to different military bases. The plaintiff was injured in a car crash while performing her duties and was no longer able to drive. However, her supervisor was apparently going to make her continue driving as part of the marketer position after she recovered.

The plaintiff claims that because of the retaliation against her she felt forced to leave her position. She filed a wrongful termination claim in a Texas district court and is requesting that the court award her monetary damages due to the mental stress of her situation as well as lost wages and court costs. For her claim, she hopes to be awarded anywhere from $200,000 to $1 million. Similarly, situated workers can turn to the legal system to have the opportunity to present their claims in accordance with applicable laws.