Transgender Teacher Claims She Was Fired Based on Discrimination

After working for the same employer for many years, most Texas employees would believe that they would be respected for their loyalty. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Recently, a woman claims that she lost her job with a school district in another state after 42 years of service. She believes that her termination was based on discrimination because she is transgender.

The plaintiff was hired as a social studies teacher in 1970 and, at that time, presented as a male. Thirteen years later, the teacher made the decision to transition into a woman and undergo surgery to complete the transformation. She allegedly alerted her supervisors that what she would be doing would not affect her job. She continued to thrive in her position and went on to handling attendance in the district's central office and being a guidance counselor.

In 2007, she wanted to apply to become an executive director, but she was required to have her fingerprints taken, which she found to be suspicious. The results indicated that she had convictions on her record for prior criminal activities. The plaintiff claimed the convictions stemmed from behavior changes caused by the medication and hormone treatments she was receiving at the time for her gender reassignment surgery. She was put into another position and attempted to apply for other jobs while she fought to have the charges removed from her record.

The plaintiff believes that the changes in the way she was treated were because of her involvement in the LBGT community. In 2013, the plaintiff was fired while still trying to clean up her record. The district made a statement that it takes all allegations seriously and adheres to anti-discrimination policies. Texas workers who believe that they have lost their jobs based on a legally protected status may choose to file complaints against their employers in an attempt to seek financial relief based upon evidence of discrimination.

Source:, "Transgender Newark teacher files suit claiming advocacy led to firing", Dan Ivers, July 30