Napa Worker Files a Workplace Discrimination Claim After Injury

After being injured on the job, many Texas workers are able to come to work, but with restrictions to their job functions. These changes should not cause their employers to take adverse actions against them, but that is not always the case. A woman who worked for Genuine Automobile Parts, doing business as NAPA, claims that is what happened to her. She has now turned to the law and filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit in federal court.

In 2007, the plaintiff was hired by NAPA, and she was injured in 2014. The woman went to see a NAPA doctor, who told her that she was able to return to work but on light duty. She reported her injury and restrictions to human resources, but she felt that they did not believe her.

The plaintiff had to take time off work due to a family member's surgery. When she came back to work, she claims that she was retaliated against by being assigned tasks that she was unable to handle because of her work restrictions. She further alleges that she received disparate treatment because of her race. She maintains that non-white employees were given accommodations when they were disabled, while she was not. Additionally, she feels she was held to a different standard for the company dress code.

With regard to her workplace discrimination claim, she is asking the federal court to award her lost wages and benefits, legal fees, and monetary damages for the damage to her reputation and her inability to enjoy her life as she once did. Discrimination can come in many forms, including treating Texas employees differently because of their disabilities. Employers have a responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations in applicable circumstances.

Source:, "Woman files suit against the employer, cites discrimination", Emily Moore, Aug. 7, 2015