Big Bang Theory Former Employee Files Age Discrimination Claim

Fans of the TV show Big Bang Theory in Texas and elsewhere may enjoy the show because they can relate to the characters. Behind the scenes, however, the assistant director to the show was allegedly told that he no longer related to the actors. He claims that he lost his job due to discrimination based on his age.

The now 55-year-old plaintiff alleges that the conditions of his employment began to change once he turned 50. From that point forward, the plaintiff claims that he was demoted. He believes that the crew was attempting to get him removed from the show.

The plaintiff could not understand why he was being demoted and reassigned because he had an above-average track record with the show for seven years. The man approached the show's producer and inquired why he was being reassigned, particularly away from the cast -- who were all around the age of 30. He was purportedly told that a younger assistant, who was in her twenties, would relate better to the cast.

After the close of filming the eighth season of the show, the plaintiff was fired. He apparently received a phone call from the producer to explain that he had been terminated due to performance issues. The plaintiff filed an age discrimination claim against Warner Bros. Television in a superior court because he felt that he lost his job unjustly. Companies in Texas and elsewhere are prohibited from mistreating workers based upon their age. Those who believe they are faced with unlawful conduct based upon any legally protected status can consider their legal options.

Source:, "'Big Bang Theory' Assistant Director Slaps Warner Bros. With Age Discrimination Lawsuit", Debbie Emery, Aug. 17, 2015