Alcon Accused of Discrimination for Denying FMLA Medical Leave

Alcon Laboratories -- with U.S. headquarters in Texas -- is involved in a lawsuit by one of its former employees. The plaintiff, who was hired by Alcon in another state, believes that she was a victim of workplace discrimination. She further alleges that the company violated her rights under the Family Medical Leave Act and has filed a lawsuit in a state court.

The plaintiff worked for the vision care client for nearly eight months when she discovered that it would be necessary for her to have surgery. This surgery would remove her fibroid tumors. She told her employer about her procedure and was allegedly told that she could not take a medical leave and that she would have to quit.

Shocked by the response, the woman said that she refused to quit. Since she would not resign on her own, the plaintiff claims that she was recovering from her procedure, and just before she could come back to work, she was fired. The plaintiff reapplied and tried to get her job back only to be turned down.

The plaintiff claims that positions that were similar to hers were filled with people who did not have disabilities. She is accusing Alcon of discrimination, violation of the FMLA, and the West Virginia Human Rights Act. Not all Texas workers are lucky enough to be in good health. Those who have disabilities or perceived disabilities do not deserve to lose their jobs or otherwise suffer discrimination due to their conditions. It would be advisable for those who suffer such treatment to research their legal options.

Source:, "Wayne Co. woman accuses Alcon of discrimination", Kyla Asbury, Aug. 10, 2015