Lobbyist seeking at least $1M for her sexual harassment lawsuit

After being allegedly subjected to improper conduct in the workplace, a female lobbyist has had enough. The woman worked for the American Association of Landmen in Texas and is accusing the executive vice president of sexual harassment. She claims that she wanted to do her job and be left alone, but after more than a year of the abuse, she could not take it anymore.

The defendant allegedly tried to touch the woman inappropriately on several occasions, both in private and in the office. While out to lunch to talk about her salary, the man purportedly touched the plaintiff's leg above her knee and said that he would see that she gets a bonus if she accompanied him to a hotel. When the plaintiff was standing by the copier at the office, she claims he wrapped his arm around her and suggested that the two of them have sex.

The plaintiff complained to the board at least twice about what was happening. An internal investigation was conducted, but it is not yet known if there were any findings. Other employees, including the plaintiff were informed that the executive vice president was allegedly caught watching pornographic material at work, thus proving that he is unable to control himself.

The woman filed a sexual harassment claim against the executive vice president due to his inappropriate behavior. She also filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission. If her claim is successfully navigated, she may be awarded the amount in damages that she is seeking.

Source: star-telegram.com, "Executive at landmen group accused of sexual harassment", Max B. Baker, April 20, 2015