Ex truck driver accuses BFI Waste Services of race discrimination

A truck driver claims he lost his job was because of the color of his skin. The former employee -- who happens to be black -- worked for BFI Waste Services of Texas. He alleges that he was the victim of race discrimination and was given unfair treatment compared to his co-workers.

The former truck driver alleges he was overworked because he was not allowed to take a day off. Additionally, he claims after an accident occurred, he was suspended, but the terms of the suspension went against company policy. He attempted to have his record expunged, but asserts that management would not do it. Allegedly, the plaintiff told human resources about the unfair treatment, but nothing was done to change the situation.

In April 2013, the plaintiff claims he reported for duty but was placed on suspension. A little more than a month later, he was terminated. He was told the reason was because his hearing was conducted without him being there. It was then that the decision was allegedly made to let him go.

The plaintiff believes the company violated his civil rights and subjected him to race discrimination. If the federal court in Texas determines that the evidence presented sustains his claims, he may be awarded monetary compensation for the monetary damages he has endured. Texas workers who feel that they lost their jobs because of their race or any other protected status under the law may file claims against their employers in an attempt to be reinstated and seek financial relief based upon appropriate evidence of the discrimination.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Truck driver alleges racial discrimination", Carol Ostrow, March 30, 2015