2 workers accuse Tumbleweed Steakhouse of sexual harassment

Many Texas workers still suffer each day from a hostile work environment. Often, these victims stay silent about the situation for fear of retaliation, including loss of their jobs. It takes a lot of courage for the victims of sexual harassment in Texas to take a stand against the wrongful conduct so that it ceases and will not continue happening to others in the future.

Two women claim they were victims of harassment while they were working at the Tumbleweed Steakhouse. One of the plaintiffs asserts the unwanted behavior from her supervisor began as soon as she was hired. She alleges she was the victim of inappropriate remarks and unwanted physical contact.

The second plaintiff began working as a waitress but later became a manager. She claims that she tried to stop the hostile work environment, but the situation continued. According to the complaint, both women were retaliated against when they rejected their manager's advances. Furthermore, it is claimed that the restaurant did not provide equal opportunities for advancement to women.

The plaintiffs filed a claim accusing the company of workplace discrimination. They believe that the emotional distress that was inflicted upon them was intentional and are asking the court to award them the damages, lost wages and legal fees they are seeking. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and aggrieved Texas workers have the legal right to pursue options to rectify the injustices against them. If the court finds that their claims have been sustained, the employees may be awarded lost wages and benefits as well as any other financial remedies deemed just under state and federal employment laws.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "2 female restaurant employees allege sexual harassment", Carol Ostrow, March 30, 2015