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December 2015 Archives

8 teachers settle their pregnancy discrimination claims for $280k

A group of eight public school teachers outside of Texas allege that they were mistreated when it was discovered that they were pregnant or once they returned to work after having their children. They claim that the school principal had found a way to get them to quit or have them terminated. The city's school board of education was accused of pregnancy discrimination in a federal lawsuit after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigated the discriminatory accusations.

Dick's settles failure to pay overtime accusations for $10M

A group of six workers employed by Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. in several states outside of Texas filed suit against the athletic retailer. Dick's was accused by the employees of a failure to pay overtime because they believed that they were misclassified. This case will also cover other workers who were in the same class in the three years prior to these proceedings.

Maximus accused of basing a termination on a woman's disability

Disabled employees generally require reasonable accommodations to continue performing their job duties. Firing workers because of their disabilities is discriminatory and a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. A former employee of Maximus -- which has offices in Texas -- believes her termination was based on her necessity for an accommodation.

Man alleges retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim

There have been cases in the past that have involved employers firing their workers because they had filed workers' compensation claims. It is rare that this type of retaliation ends in physical violence. A man who worked outside of Texas alleges that his separation with his union ended in an assault after he was injured at work.

Frisco worker claims he is the victim of workplace discrimination

When it comes to how Texas businesses handle their employees, the philosophy should never be out with the old and in the with new. Older workers bring valuable experience to their companies and should not be undervalued because of their age. Companies that engage in workplace discrimination as a means to root out their older workers can expect to face repercussions if such discrimination is proven in court.

Woman says she faced retaliation for reporting sexual harassment

There are many different ways that workers can become the victims of sexual harassment that are not always physical. Regardless, reporting cases of sexual harassment should never result in backlash. A woman who worked for a paint manufacturer outside of Texas claims that after she reported sexual situations in the workplace, she faced retaliation.

Seizures may be the cause of a woman's employment discrimination

Some level of stress can be expected in the workplace, but a hostile work environment is never acceptable. Emotional distress has the possibility of manifesting into physical symptoms that can negatively impact the worker's health. A former employee of Hunt Regional Medical Center in Texas claims that she lost her job and was the victim of employment discrimination due to her disability.

Ex-Saints personal assistant sues for a failure to pay overtime

Texas sports fans may be familiar with Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. Benson's former personal assistant is suing the Saints for a failure to pay overtime. He has filed a case against the Saints in a federal court.

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