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November 2015 Archives

Tyler Junior College faces accusations of discrimination

There are several different types of discrimination that can affect Texas workers, such as being denied a reasonable accommodation. A former computer science professor for Tyler Junior College alleges that he requested an accommodation so that he could continue working with a full-time teaching schedule but was denied. He has filed a discrimination claim against the school in a federal court.

Employee files suit claiming retaliation and age discrimination

Texas workers are generally ethical and honest people, so, when they witness any type of discrimination, they may blow the whistle on their employers. This takes courage, because there will always be a chance of retaliation. An employee of a company in another state recently filed a lawsuit against his employer after suffering retaliation for blowing the whistle on obvious age discrimination by the company.

Protection of employee rights in Texas

In the state of Texas, justice is available to those who have suffered mistreatment in the workplace. Protection of employee rights is possible for those who have been wrongfully terminated or acted against in retaliation from an employer. In addition, workers involved in wage and hourly disputes or those who have been sexually harassed are able to retain the help of an experienced employment law attorney when preparing to resolve such matters in court.

City accused of a failure to pay overtime at the appropriate rate

The most common wage theft complaints in Texas and across the United States are generally relating to unpaid overtime. However, it is not only the failure to pay overtime that can be an issue. Problems can also arise when the overtime is paid, but it is not paid at the proper rate.

Former Pan Am worker claims his termination was discriminatory

Suffering from severe and terminal illnesses can make the lives of workers in Texas and elsewhere very difficult. These employees may be required to have accommodations to their shifts or even need additional time away from their jobs for healing and treatments. A man who previously worked for Pan Am Railways alleges that his termination was discriminatory. His claim has been filed in a federal court against Pan Am as well as Springfield Railway Terminal Co.

Facing wrongful termination in Texas?

If a law has been violated in the process of your termination from employment, you may have grounds to pursue legal action. Though Texas is considered an at-will state, you may consider filing a wrongful termination legal claim if an employer broke a law when he or she fired you. If you are uncertain as to whether your employer has violated the law, a legal professional with experience in employment law will be able to help you determine that issue.

Workplace discrimination ongoing problem in Texas

Texas employees are typically aware that employment practices that discriminate against a worker based on religion, race, sex or national origin are unlawful. A worker has the right to assume that he or she is reporting to an environment that is kept safe not only in the physical sense but that is also free of workplace discrimination. Verbal abuse, harassment and unwelcome physical contact remain an ongoing problem in many places of employment. Those who have suffered adversely in such situations may be relieved to know that legal help is available to protect their rights.

Class action wage and hour claim against Tyson Foods

A 1946 Supreme Court decision has been deemed relevant in a current dispute between Tyson Foods and thousands of its employees. More than 3,300 workers have joined the class action against the food mogul claiming wage and hour violations at a plant that processes pork outside the state of Texas. On a recent Tuesday, it appeared that the Supreme Court would most likely sustain a finding against the company.

Deaf woman claims she was fired for filing a discrimination claim

Texas workers with disabilities are most likely well aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities so long as those accommodations are not unduly hard on business operations. This includes providing interpreters for employees who are deaf. This requirement is a key element in a lawsuit filed by a deaf woman who claims she was fired for filing a discrimination claim against Starbucks.

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