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Ex-C&W exec accuses the company of employment discrimination

After years of dedication and outstanding performance at a company, most Texas employees would believe that they are the best candidates for promotions and raises. According to a former executive for Cushman & Wakefield, Inc, tenure and hard work does not always pay off. She is accusing the real estate giant of discrimination and has taken her case to court.

The plaintiff worked for the company in another state for 35 years. During the time prior to her promotion to her final position, she allegedly had an extraordinary work ethic and invested a lot of her energy into making C&W a research powerhouse. After a merger with DTZ, the plaintiff believed that the company would be looking for a leader for global research for the newly merged C&W. She believed she was the obvious choice for the role.

C&W did not promote the nearly 60-year-old plaintiff and instead chose a 39-year-old male for the position. He allegedly was not as qualified as she was and lacked much of the experience needed for the role. The plaintiff was fired the day before she was scheduled to attend a well-known women's conference at which she was slated to promote C&W's new Women's Integrated Network.

The plaintiff believes her termination and the hiring of a younger male for the position were the results of years of disparate treatment. In her complaint, she is accusing C&W of age and gender discrimination, wrongful termination and violations of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. She is seeking $40 million for her lawsuit, as well as legal expenses. Legally protected status characteristics should never play a role in the decisions Texas employers make about hiring, firing and promoting workers. If these factors are perceived to have been used in these decisions, the companies are opening themselves up to potential lawsuits.

Source: insidecounsel.com, "Sanford Heisler Kimpel files $40 million discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a former Cushman & Wakefield executive", Alexis Harrison, Oct. 14, 2015

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