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October 2015 Archives

Gemma Power accused of the wrongful termination of an employee

Employees in Texas and elsewhere who are doing the same job, when all other factors are equal, should receive the same rate of pay. Many workers are unknowingly underpaid, but those who discover discrepancies have every right to question their employers to try to resolve the issues. Bringing up disparate treatment in the workplace should never result in disciplinary measures. Unfortunately, one recent case claims that unfair disciplinary measures were taken to the extreme, resulting in one man's wrongful termination

Postal worker accuses the postmaster general of discrimination

A Texas man alleges that nothing was done to help him after one of his co-workers started harassing him. The plaintiff was employed by the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier. He had worked for the postal service since 1978 without incident, but he began to feel the effects of discrimination in 2014.

First Student accused of shortchanging drivers re wages

First Student, the largest bus transportation provider for students in the United States with locations in Texas, was recently named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit. Sixty five school bus drivers are participating in the complaint, but this case could impact as many as 12,000 other drivers. The federal lawsuit, filed in a state outside of Texas, accuses the company of shortchanging drivers with regard to their wages. Class action for this case has been requested, but not yet been granted.

Ex-C&W exec accuses the company of employment discrimination

After years of dedication and outstanding performance at a company, most Texas employees would believe that they are the best candidates for promotions and raises. According to a former executive for Cushman & Wakefield, Inc, tenure and hard work does not always pay off. She is accusing the real estate giant of discrimination and has taken her case to court.

Man with MS claims discrimination held him from his dream job

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society reports that approximately 400,000 people in Texas and across the United States have the disease. MS disrupts the way that information is processed between the human body and the brain, and it is often unpredictable. An out-of-state man alleges that he was denied the opportunity to become a police officer because he suffers from the disease. He claims that he is the victim of discrimination and that his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act have been violated.

13 alleged sexual harassment victims awarded $450K

A group of 13 women who worked for a MountainKing Potatoes plant in another state are finally receiving justice. The operators of the plant, Farming Technology Inc. and Smokin' Spuds, Inc. are both associated with Texas-based Syndex Corp. The women were allegedly subjected to sexual harassment for over 10 years.

Woman alleges wrongful termination from DirectTV after surgery

People who lose their jobs unexpectedly may wonder what had happened and even question if their terminations were acts of retaliation. A former employee of DirectTV Customer Service Inc. -- a company that serves customers in Texas and elsewhere -- claims that she was fired because she needed time off due to a medical condition. She has taken her wrongful termination complaint to a federal court and named DirectTV, as well as its senior human resource manager, as defendants.

Halliburton pays out $18 million for wage and hour violations

When oil prices are high, it is often the result of increased demand. As a result, many people are hired to handle the increased workload created by the demand. Those employees often work long hours, based on the assumption that they will be compensated for their hours, but many later find they did not receive all the money they deserved. A group of past and present workers from Texas-based Halliburton is accusing the company of wage and hour violations because they were denied overtime pay.

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