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Terracore and ICF are being accused of workplace discrimination

Although the law prohibits discrimination, some companies still believe that it is possible to get away with it. A Texas woman who worked for Teracore Inc. and ICF International Inc alleges that she was fired because she refused to lie. She believes that her termination was also based on her legally protected characteristics and is accusing the defendants of workplace discrimination.

The plaintiff began working for the companies in 2012 as a regional preparedness liaison. Both Terracore and ICF provide labor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. When she received her yearly review in 2013, she received a near-perfect job performance rating.

Not long after the reviews were given out, the plaintiff went to a meeting by the Rowlett Citizen Corps Council. She was allegedly told that she had permission from her superior to go to the meeting. She was told she could say she was there as a volunteer, but she could not say she was an employee of FEMA. Later, the FEMA regional director received a note that the council was thankful that the plaintiff was at the meeting, but they were disappointed because no one from FEMA was there.

To try to smooth over the situation, two of the plaintiff's supervisors purportedly asked her to write a letter on the regional director's behalf that would give a false explanation why someone from FEMA was not represented. The plaintiff allegedly declined, causing her work environment to become hostile, and she was ultimately fired. The woman claims that her supervisors were intent on making her life miserable and terminated her based on workplace discrimination. She filed her complaint against the defendants in a Texas federal court, and she is asking to be awarded lost wages, monetary damages and legal fees.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Termination prompts plaintiff to file discrimination charges", Molly English-Bowers, Sept. 10, 2015

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