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Garrison Contractors found guilty of retaliation in EEOC suit

Many women enjoy doing jobs that are predominantly done by men, and women deserve equal respect in the workplace. A woman who worked for Garrison Contractors Inc. in Texas alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment. She also feels that she was the victim of retaliation after she lost her job for complaining about how she was being treated.

The plaintiff began working for the oil field construction company in 2012 as a dump truck driver. She was the only female that was a roustabout. A roustabout repairs gas and oil leaks, cleans equipment and digs out ditches. In her position, she worked very closely with her male co-workers.

The woman alleges that she had to listen to her peers making inappropriate comments about women and sex, which made her uncomfortable. According to her complaint, when she reported the harassment, the company retaliated and fired her. The woman filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC first tried to settle through the reconciliation process out of court but was unsuccessful.

The woman's suit was taken to a Texas federal court that ruled in the plaintiff's favor, awarding her $30,000 for her retaliation and sexual harassment complaint. As injunctive relief, Garrison will also be required to make some changes so that these types of complaints do not happen in the future. Garrison is required to have mandatory yearly training on retaliation for its workers for the next three years. The company will also have a create a policy that details anti-retaliation so that employees are aware of the steps to take if they feel they have been aggrieved. Both this notice and one on anti-discrimination are required to be posted where all of the workers can easily view them.

Source: insurancejournal.com, "Texas Oil Field Co. to Pay $30K to Settle EEOC Retaliation Suit", Sept. 4, 2015

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