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September 2015 Archives

ULTA accused by ex-store managers of a failure to pay overtime

An increasingly more common problem among retail management and those in supervisory roles is that they are apparently being classified as exempt, but the duties they perform say otherwise. Many Texas readers may be familiar with the retail cosmetic giant ULTA. The company is being accused by two of its former store managers in another state of a failure to pay overtime.

Transgender discrimination lawsuit could become a landmark case

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals -- which covers Texas and two other states -- is set to rule for the first time on whether transgender individuals are covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center  a recent discrimination claim is now the fourth federal lawsuit filed during the Obama presidency which claims that the protections under Title VII extend to people who are transgender. A transgender man alleges that he was the victim of discrimination because of his gender identity while working for a lending services provider in a nearby state.

ExpressJet accused of religious discrimination by former employee

For many flight attendants in Texas, being asked to serve alcohol on the plane is not usually a big deal. However, when doing so goes against one's religious beliefs, the situation is not so easy. A woman who was a flight attendant for ExpressJet claims that she was fired for religious discrimination because she would not serve drinks while she was working.

Dual sexual harassment lawsuit awards $600k to the victims

Claims of inappropriate workplace behavior is often brought forward by female workers; less often, male employees may formally complain of such behavior, but it is rare to have both female and male employees bring about a sexual harassment complaint together. VXI Global Solutions, with call centers in Texas and internationally, employs over 15,000 people. Recently, a sexual harassment claim was brought forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a federal court on behalf of male and female employees of the international call center company.

Terracore and ICF are being accused of workplace discrimination

Although the law prohibits discrimination, some companies still believe that it is possible to get away with it. A Texas woman who worked for Teracore Inc. and ICF International Inc alleges that she was fired because she refused to lie. She believes that her termination was also based on her legally protected characteristics and is accusing the defendants of workplace discrimination.

Garrison Contractors found guilty of retaliation in EEOC suit

Many women enjoy doing jobs that are predominantly done by men, and women deserve equal respect in the workplace. A woman who worked for Garrison Contractors Inc. in Texas alleges that she was subjected to sexual harassment. She also feels that she was the victim of retaliation after she lost her job for complaining about how she was being treated.

Woman accused bank of a Family Medical Leave Act violation

Companies in Texas that have more than 50 employees must abide by the federal Family Medical Leave Act when qualified employees need to use their benefits. It is against the law for employers to retaliate against workers who take advantage of their approved leave. A woman from another state claims that she lost her job after she used some of her unpaid, law-protected leave time under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Burger King hit with discrimination claim from transgender worker

Texas burger lovers and fast food junkies alike turn to Burger King when they are in a hurry. Serving so many customers quickly per day requires an extensive staff in all of their locations, which can lead to a lot of hours for employees. A woman who works at a Burger Kind in another state feels that she suffered a reduction in hours due to discrimination against her because she is transgender.

Ex UNT lecturer files for wrongful termination against district

The principal lecturer of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at the University of North Texas claims that after an incident with a student, he lost his job unjustly. He has filed a claim in a federal court and has named the school and a number of upper administrators as defendants in his wrongful termination suit. Although his complaint cannot change what has already been done to his reputation, he is hoping that his case will bring him some form of retribution.

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