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August 2015 Archives

Movie chain accused of a failure to pay minimum wage

A movie chain based in Dallas, Texas, is being accused by an employee who works for the company in another state of not being paid appropriately. The class-action lawsuit was filed in a federal court against Movie Tavern Partners, Southern Theaters and ten other unnamed defendants. The defendants are being accused of a failure to pay minimum wage as well as other labor violations.

Big Bang Theory former employee files age discrimination claim

Fans of the TV show Big Bang Theory in Texas and elsewhere may enjoy the show because they can relate to the characters. Behind the scenes, however, the assistant director to the show was allegedly told that he no longer related to the actors. He claims that he lost his job due to discrimination based on his age.

Olsen twins accused of wage and hour law violations

Getting an internship is a great way to get some real world experience before heading into the workforce for college students in Texas and across the country. However, employers who bring on these interns must adhere to applicable employment laws at the state and federal levels. An intern who worked for the Olsen twins has filed a class action lawsuit in a court in another state, accusing them of non-payment of wages and violating wage and hour laws.

Woman alleges violation of the Family Medical Leave Act

Even though the Family Medical Leave act has been in place since 1993, there are still employers in Texas and elsewhere that do not abide by the law when the benefit is used. An employee of the Cabell County Commission in another state claims that her rights were violated when she used her benefits under the Family Medical Leave Act. She has now filed a federal lawsuit to attempt to right the injustices against her.

Alcon accused of discrimination for denying FMLA medical leave

Alcon Laboratories -- with U.S. headquarters in Texas -- is involved in a lawsuit by one of its former employees. The plaintiff, who was hired by Alcon in another state, believes that she was victim of workplace discrimination. She further alleges that the company violated her rights under the Family Medical Leave Act and has filed a lawsuit in a state court.

Worker alleges retaliation for taking leave under FMLA

Many workers in Texas know that they may be entitled to turn to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) when they need time away from work for reasons covered by the law. Using this time is a legal right for covered employees, and taking this approved time should never result in retaliation against the employees. However, if such an instance occurs, the workers can consider their legal options to right the wrongs against them.

NAPA worker files a workplace discrimination claim after injury

After being injured on the job, many Texas workers are able to come to work, but with restrictions to their job functions. These changes should not cause their employers to take adverse actions against them, but that is not always the case. A woman who worked for Genuine Automobile Parts, doing business as NAPA, claims that is what happened to her. She has now turned to the law and filed a workplace discrimination lawsuit in federal court.

Transgender worker files workplace discrimination suit

The transgender community is becoming more prevalent and not all people are receptive to its members in the workplace. Whether Texas employees agree with other people's choices, they still have no right to subject them to hostile work environments. To help protect the transgender community, a non-discrimination ordinance was put in place in September 2013 in San Antonio. A former worker for AT&T was the first one to test the ordinance, which apparently failed to protect him from workplace discrimination.

Walmart accused of not paying overtime wages to assistant manager

The way in which workers are classified is essential to determining that they are paid properly. Managers who are paid salaries are expected to be performing duties consistent with their roles. Some Texas companies may attempt to find ways to cut corners by forcing salaried managers to perform the same duties as their hourly counterparts without paying them overtime wages. This could result in a company being accused of a failure to pay overtime.

Woman claims reporting suspicious activity led to her termination

Reporting suspected wrongdoing is not always easy, but it is not necessarily always rewarded either. A woman who worked for the Cedar Crest Hospital in Texas claims that she lost her job for reporting suspicious, unethical behavior. Following her termination, she filed a claim against the hospital in an attempt to achieve justice.

Transgender teacher claims she was fired based on discrimination

After working for the same employer for many years, most Texas employees would believe that they would be respected for their loyalty. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Recently, a woman claims that she lost her job with a school district in another state after 42 years of service. She believes that her termination was based on discrimination because she is transgender.

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