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July 2015 Archives

Bakery owners accused of sexual harassment by former employee

Fans of sweet treats in Texas may be familiar with Emily's bakery that is owned by a woman and her husband. The establishment has recently been making headlines over sexual harassment claims that have been brought against the owners by one of its former employees. Since the claim was introduced last week, two more women have spoken up about having similar experiences.

Dunkin' Donuts franchisee accused of religious discrimination

Many Texas residents may be familiar with the tasty treats and coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. A franchisee of the company, Citi Brands LLC, is now making news because of a religious discrimination lawsuit that was brought against it by a former employee from another state. He claims that because of his religious observances as a Seventh-Day-Adventist, his job offer was rescinded.

UPS accused of religious discrimination due to appearance policy

Shipping giant UPS is under fire for allegedly violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in regard to the way that it hires and promotes its employees. The company, which operates in Texas and all other states, is accused of religious discrimination because of its appearance policy. According to its policy, men who are in supervisory roles or who interact with customers are to keep their hair cut above the collar and their facial hair from extending past their lips.

Firefighter files claim for improperly calculated overtime wages

Many Texas employees depend on the money earned from overtime to help support their families. If the pay is not calculated correctly, it may cause undue hardship. A firefighter in another state alleges that he and his co-workers were not given the proper wages for the hours that they spent working overtime.

Female intern wins $18M for her sexual harassment claim

Working as an intern can be a great way for people to gain experience and potentially have a successful career in the future. Unfortunately, sometimes these Texas workers are forced into uncomfortable sexual harassment situations and threatened if they do not comply with the requests being made of them. A former marketing intern for the CEO of New York Global Group claims this is what happened to her.

Transgender woman accuses resort of employment discrimination

Texas readers are likely familiar with Starwood Hotels and Resorts. It is a worldwide hotel chain, but it is currently facing claims of discrimination from one of its former employees. A transgender woman who worked for the resort in a Southeastern state claims that she was the victim of employment discrimination and mistreated after her gender change took place in 2005.

Certain employees may soon be eligible for overtime wages

Under current federal regulations, salaried employees who make over a certain amount of money are not eligible for overtime. This means that many white-collar employees, such as managers, work extensive hours for which they do not get paid. In response to this, the Obama administration has proposed new amendments to federal labor regulations that would raise the salary limits and could make these employees eligible for overtime wages.

Man files race discrimination complaint against school district

Being subject to race-based discrimination can be humiliating and frustrating for any employee in Texas. One man in another state recently said he experienced this type of discrimination while working at a high school. The associate principal, who is black, has thus filed a race discrimination complaint against the school.

Woman accuses Walmart of retaliation after being injured at work

Performing job functions that require repetitive motion can result in damage to certain parts of the body over time. After being injured on the job, Texas workers will generally file a workers' compensation claim to assist them while they are healing. Employers who act out in retaliation against workers for taking advantage of those types of benefits are in violation of employment laws.

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