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CVS accused of discrimination and racial profiling

Many people across the country turn to CVS for their prescription medication and other necessities. Consumers in Texas and across the country may be disturbed to hear the discrimination allegations that are being brought against the company by some of its former employees. This lawsuit has been certified as a class-action suit.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs worked as detectives for CVS in another state. Their jobs were to protect store merchandise and to lower theft by keeping an eye on the shoppers inside the stores. The plaintiffs claim that they were told to racially profile shoppers who were not white. Two supervisors to the plaintiffs allegedly told them to keep an eye on minority shoppers, because they were the ones who were notorious for stealing.

The plaintiffs assert that they were also the victims of discrimination. One of the plaintiffs described a situation in which he was called by one of his supervisors after having a disagreement with the store manager. He was purportedly told, using racial slurs, that he was to return to the store and apologize.

None of the plaintiffs currently work for the company. Three of the plaintiffs were terminated, and one was allegedly not permitted to come back to work after being on an approved leave. A spokesperson for CVS stated that the company does not tolerate discrimination and said that it is surprised by the accusations leveled against it. Texas workers who feel that they have been discriminated against can choose to file claims against their employers. Based upon evidence of the discrimination, the employees may be awarded monetary compensation and other financial relief as determined appropriate by a civil court.

Source: madamenoire.com, "CVS Accused Of Racial Discrimination By Ex-Workers", Ann Brown, June 5, 2015

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