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June 2015 Archives

Woman is awarded $300k for her pregnancy discrimination claim

While it is respected, it is not required for women to announce immediately that they are pregnant to their employers. Similar antiquated policies that require women to be forced into desk jobs while fully capable of performing their duties can be considered pregnancy discrimination. Women in Texas who feel that they have been discriminated against for being pregnant can find some sense when they turn to the court system for justice against the purported wrongdoing.

Company appeals after found liable in sexual harassment law suit

Having to spend every day in a hostile work environment can be all-consuming and ultimately affect a worker's home life as well. Texas workers who are experiencing unwanted sexual advances may find that rejecting requests for sexual favors may interfere with their work. Fortunately, remedies are available under the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that forbids sexual harassment at work.

Nurse alleging retaliation occurred after voicing safety concerns

A woman who was a former nurse at a hospital outside of Texas has recently filed a lawsuit against the hospital saying that she was wrongfully dismissed from her nursing position. She claims she was fired in retaliation for her reporting various concerns regarding patient safety. These concerns included infection control and inadequate staffing.

Walmart could be faced with paying nearly $150M in unpaid wages

The nation's largest private employer -- Walmart -- is once again in the headlines over wage issues with its workers. Many retail shoppers in Texas and elsewhere may be shocked to hear the way the company pays its truck drivers. Even though the company allegedly has some of the highest paid drivers in the industry, with annual wages at around $100,000, they are still not receiving all the wages that they believe they are owed.

Tahari is being accused of sexual harassment by former consultant

All employees deserve to be respected and should not feel dread when heading to work because of what could happen to them there. Sadly, sexual harassment still happens every day in Texas and across the country, even though it is against the law. Many workers do not speak up, because they fear losing their jobs or experiencing some sort of retaliation. Others decide to take the chance, believing that the law is on their side, and fight back against the treatment they have endured.

Bloomberg workers accuse the company of wage and hour violations

All companies want to run as efficiently as possible. One way to keep costs under control is to closely monitor the company's payroll and make adjustments when necessary. While many Texas companies can find ways to do this legally; unfortunately, other companies deal with this issue in ways that could be considered wage and hour violations.

CVS accused of discrimination and racial profiling

Many people across the country turn to CVS for their prescription medication and other necessities. Consumers in Texas and across the country may be disturbed to hear the discrimination allegations that are being brought against the company by some of its former employees. This lawsuit has been certified as a class-action suit.

Man claims he was fired for discrimination due to wife's illness

When workers are dealing with the health situations of their family members, they expect that the company they work for will support them and not treat them any differently going forward. However, some Texas employers do not want to deal with the expense of the situation, nor do they want to accommodate the workers during this difficult time. Acting in such a manner may cause the employees to believe that they are victims of discrimination.

Ex-employee of Tyler Perry alleges sexual harassment

Those who come forward about unwanted behavior in the workplace expect that those in authority will help them. However, that is not always the case, and some Texas employers may decide to hide the situations and attempt to keep the complaining workers quiet through threats or other formers of retaliation. If the affected workers do not receive solutions, they may turn to the legal system to put an end to the sexual harassment and to ensure that it does not continue in the future.

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