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May 2015 Archives

Ruby Tuesday accused of discrimination due to hiring decisions

There are very few instances in which the law would make a concession for any type of sex discrimination in the workplace. Ruby Tuesday Inc. made the error of believing that its situation would allow for a form of sex discrimination being acceptable under the law. Patrons of the restaurant in Texas and elsewhere may be disappointed to hear about the way in which the company was making decisions for summer jobs that were available in another state.

Cinemark and Simply Right accused of wage and hour violations

When people go to the movies, they typically take for granted all the hard work being done behind the scenes by the janitors to keep the theaters clean. It appears that, in some cases, the cleaning companies and the theater owners also take the hard work for granted. A group of janitors who worked for a company that cleans for the Texas-based movie giant Cinemark allege that they are the victims of several wage and hour violations, resulting in them going forward with a lawsuit.

Ford Motor Company accused of sexual harassment by 33 women

Many men and women in Texas are subjected to hostile work environments each year, and many fail to report the hostility because they fear retaliation. Sometimes the abuse can go on for years before the employees can no longer take the abuse and report the situation to the proper channels. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that should not be ignored, and more victims are speaking up to help prevent it from happening to others in the future.

Landry's Inc. accused of retaliation by former server

Even the most careful employees have a chance of getting hurt on the job. It is illegal for a Texas company to react negatively toward workers who have gotten injured; nevertheless, some still do. A man who worked for a restaurant owned by Landry's Inc. claims that he was fired as an act of retaliation after filing for workers' compensation.

Airline worker claims he was the victim of race discrimination

The rules that apply to one worker should apply to all of the workers. Employees in Texas may feel they are the victims of discrimination if they and their co-workers are not subjected to the same treatment. Fortunately, when workers cannot find solutions after discussing their feelings with their employers, they can turn to the law for help.

Wal-Mart worker says her accident was cause of her termination

Large corporations hire thousands of people. Inevitably, despite all of the safety information, some workers in Texas and elsewhere are going to get hurt. The injured employees, in turn, fill out workers' compensation paperwork so that they are able to receive covered medical care and income while they are taking time away to heal. Some companies decide to fire the employees instead, prompting the worker to file a wrongful termination claim.

Red Lobster employees accuse their manager of sexual harassment

All employees and managers should understand how to conduct themselves properly in the workplace. A fine line exists between just being friendly and engaging in actions that could be interpreted as sexual harassment. Texas employees should not be forced to tolerate harassing behavior, and sometimes the only way to make it stop is for the employees to come forward about their situations.

Railroad worker allegedly faced retaliation following an accident

Accidents in the workplace can be tragic, especially when they could have been prevented. Texas employees who have seen an accident take place that was caused by unsafe practices may wish to report it to bring the situation to light so that it never happens again. Such acts are not always rewarded, and the workers may face retaliation from their employers for speaking up about the incident.

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