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Wal-Mart agrees to pay $150K for age discrimination accusations

Getting older happens to everyone, but being harassed about it with regard to employment is unacceptable.  Certain discriminatory practices as prescribed by law are illegal, and workers to turn to the justice system for help. Recently, a former manager for Wal-Mart Stores of Texas filed a lawsuit alleging that the company subjected him to age discrimination.

The plaintiff asserts that he was subjected to a hostile work environment by his manager. He claims he was referred to as the "old man," in addition to other inappropriate behavioral and age references. The man complained about the conduct to human resources, but he alleges that nothing was done to stop the harassment. After reporting the harassment, he lost his job.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a claim on the man's behalf against Wal-Mart. The company alleges that the former manager did not complete  all of the in-house channels to achieve a resolution before filing the complaint. Apparently, the EEOC tried to come to an agreement regarding the situation, but none of the proposed remedies were mutually agreeable.

Ultimately, Wal-Mart and the EEOC decided to settle the age discrimination claim. Reportedly, the company chose to limit the additional expenditure of time and financial resources with regard the lawsuit. Wal-Mart agreed to pay its former Texas employee $150,000. However, this compromise does not indicate that Wal-Mart accepts liability for the actions outlined in the claim. The company also agreed to provide additional equal employment opportunity training to its workers to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Wal-Mart settles EEOC age discrimination claim for $150K to avoid further litigation costs", David Yates, Feb. 24, 2015

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