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Ex-Google employee claims she was a sexual harassment victim

Internet giant Google is once again getting the attention of the media but not the type of attention that it wants. Google users in Texas and elsewhere may be very surprised to hear about the allegations that are being brought forth by one of its former employees. The affected employee is claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment and that nothing was done to help her.

The woman worked for the company on the Google + platform. She claims that she was harassed by two of her co-workers. One of the men was an engineering director and the other was called "the father of Google+" before he left the company.

The plaintiff wrote a stream of tweets on Twitter that recounted some of the alleged inappropriate behavior. She claims that one of the men made comments about her appearance. Another tweet explains how one of her co-workers stated that he had difficulty refraining from touching her. Furthermore, she claims the engineering director made a comment that caused her to pour a drink on him, and she asserts that she was reprimanded for her behavior instead of him being reprimanded for his.

The engineering director was questioned about the incident by a local paper, and he stated that he she did not work with him, and he would not say anything further until he checked with management. The plaintiff claims that she does not care if anyone believes her and has since set her Twitter account to private. Texas workers who feel that they have been the victims of sexual harassment should immediately report the incidents to the appropriate parties. If the situations continue, the aggrieved parties may elect to move forward against their employers with legal actions.

Source:, "A former Google employee claims she was reprimanded for speaking out about sexual harassment", Rob Price, March 9, 2015

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