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March 2015 Archives

Former Palio's Pizza Cafe worker files a sexual harassment claim

Violence and harassment should never be tolerated by anyone in the workplace. If such an incident does happen, workers should feel safe reporting the incidents and have confidence that a satisfactory resolution will be achieved. A woman who worked for a Palio's Pizza Cafe in Texas claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment and assault. She asserts that after she reported inappropriate behavior at work, the blame was placed on her.

Worker cites workplace discrimination due to race

All employees should have the same opportunities and be held to the same standards, regardless of any protected status characteristic. Texas workers discover that they are being treated differently may believe that the company is guilty of workplace discrimination. A man who works for Methodist Hospital claims that he was treated differently than his co-workers because he is black.

Facebook surrounded by accusations of employment discrimination

The creation of equality among people in the workplace has made significant progress over the last several decades. Unfortunately, it is still a problem that plagues employees in Texas and across the United States. Workers should be able to spend their time focusing on their careers instead of fighting against employment discrimination.

Ex-Google employee claims she was a sexual harassment victim

Internet giant Google is once again getting the attention of the media but not the type of attention that it wants. Google users in Texas and elsewhere may be very surprised to hear about the allegations that are being brought forth by one of its former employees. The affected employee is claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment and that nothing was done to help her.

Worker claims AT&T violated the Family Medical Leave Act

There are several employment laws in place to protect workers when they suffer from illnesses that take them away from work for extended periods of time. One of the most common is the Family Medical Leave Act, which allows employees to take a specified amount of time away from work when their conditions or situations fall within the covered parameters of the law. Texas workers who take advantage of any of these laws and then suffer disability discrimination or retaliation because of them may decide to look to the law to protect them.

Former Red Robin worker alleges workplace discrimination

Those who frequent the Red Robin burger chain could be disturbed to hear some of the allegations being made against the company. Burger lovers in Texas and elsewhere may be surprised to hear that one of the employees was allegedly the victim of workplace discrimination because of his sexual orientation. Recently, the man filed a claim against the company and his supervisor after his complaints to human resources allegedly had fallen upon deaf ears.

Texas whistleblower claims he was the victim of retaliation

Employees in Texas and elsewhere who see suspicious activity in the workplace may report the incident to their superiors to try to have it corrected. Although protected by law, whistleblowing is not always well received by a company. In some cases, companies may go so far as to subject whistleblowers to retaliation after they report illegal situations, but, fortunately, there is legal help available for whistleblowers.

GM Workers allege discrimination due to their religious beliefs

It is not uncommon for employees who are religious to request taking time off work for worship. Texas workers who are not given the right to take time away from work for religious holidays may feel that they are victims of religious discrimination because they are being denied accommodations. Recently, two General Motors employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company for disallowing unpaid leave for religious observance.

Wal-Mart agrees to pay $150K for age discrimination accusations

Getting older happens to everyone, but being harassed about it with regard to employment is unacceptable.  Certain discriminatory practices as prescribed by law are illegal, and workers to turn to the justice system for help. Recently, a former manager for Wal-Mart Stores of Texas filed a lawsuit alleging that the company subjected him to age discrimination.

David Copperfield accused of a failure to pay overtime to workers

Many Texas residents love to go to magic shows as a form of relaxation and entertainment. Unfortunately, those who work behind the scenes do not always find the experience to be quite as magical. A group of workers who were employed by the magician David Copperfield are accusing the performer of a failure to pay overtime.

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