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February 2015 Archives

Invasive text messages lead to a woman's sexual harassment claim

It can be difficult for workers to adjust to their boss initially when starting a new job, but the melding process generally becomes easier over time. There is a fine line between employees being treated with kindness and sexual harassment. That is what a woman claims happened to her when she transferred jobs to work for a neurosurgeon in Texas.

Sara Lee workers claim race discrimination due to work conditions

Every once in a while, great dessert hits the right spot. People in Texas and elsewhere can enjoy tasty treats from Sara Lee, but working for the company may not be as sweet. A group of workers are now complaining that they were subjected to race discrimination and say that it put their health in jeopardy.

Ex-Chipotle workers believe they were missing wages and overtime

Most employees are required to punch a clock before they begin working and when leaving after their shifts. Once they are no longer on the clock, they should not be working. If a Texas employer forces its workers to perform their duties while they are not being paid, the employees could be missing out on a considerable amount of wages and/or overtime.

Former General Mills workers accuse the company of discrimination

Due to the recession, many companies made difficult decisions that led to them laying off many of their workers in attempts to cut costs. The affected workers were then faced with the hardship of trying to find new employment, which likely dramatically impacted their finances. In most instances, Texas workers were relieved legally. However, in one situation in which a number of employees in the same age range was ousted at the same time, some believe that the company involved is guilty of age discrimination.

Fast food worker claims her termination was based on retaliation

Doing the right thing is not always easy, but reporting wrongdoing normally does not result in workers being fired; nevertheless, that is what a former fast food employee claims happened with regard to her employment. The woman worked for fast food giant KFC -- which has locations in Texas and across the country -- as well as Tri-State Food Systems and claims that she was fired for reporting illegal activity concerning one of her co-workers. She believes that her termination was an act of retaliation. The plaintiff claims that while she was working, she observed a co-worker receiving marijuana from someone through the window of the drive-thru station. After seeing the transaction, she claims she told her co-worker to throw the drugs away.

Papa John's accused of a failure to pay overtime to its workers

Many workers closely budget family expenses with regard to the hours that they work. When the opportunity for overtime arises, many Texas employees jump at the chance to make the extra money. If they receive their checks and the overtime money is not there, financial problems may follow. If still do not receive the funds despite requesting the missing wages, the company may be accused of a failure to pay overtime.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon accused of a failure to pay overtime

Most larger companies do their best to be compliant with state and federal wage-and-hour laws. When individuals, especially those in power or those who are famous, hire employees, they may not believe that they are held to the same laws and may, as a result, fail to pay their workers appropriately. Such actions could lead to Texas workers accusing them of violating of wage-and-hour laws, as well as accusing them of a failure to pay overtime.

Woman says she was fired because of pregnancy discrimination

A pharmaceutical representative for ASD Specialty Healthcare Inc. claims that, after a tumultuous past with her supervisor, things got worse when she announced her pregnancy. She believes that she received unfair treatment from her Texas employer and was ultimately fired due to pregnancy discrimination. The plaintiff claimed that she did well with her sales and always received positive reviews. She had even won awards, but everything changed after she began reporting to a new supervisor. 

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