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January 2015 Archives

Hooters accused of wage and hour law violations by 2 servers

To provide for their families, many employees work in restaurants as servers. These workers acknowledge that they will be paid a lower wage per hour, but they will also receive money in tips. If Texas workers are performing duties that do not allow them to earn tips, but they are still paid the same low server wage, the company may be in violation of wage and hour laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Woman seeks over $200,000 for her sexual harassment claim

In the event that an employee is subjected to unwanted advances, it is the company's responsibility to protect the worker and prevent the incident from recurring. No one should be expected to work in an environment that does not deter sexual harassment. If a Texas worker speaks out about such behavior and nothing is done to rectify the situation, he or she may turn to the law for justice.

Salesman claims he lost his job for reporting sexual harassment

In accordance with the law, all employees should be permitted to work in an environment that is free from any type of questionable behavior. If any type of harassment or unwanted advances occur, the issues should immediately be remedied to prevent them from continuing, but that is not always the way events unfold. Unfortunately, there are cases in which Texas workers may be fired as an act of retaliation for speaking out about sexual harassment.

Worker claims entitlement to benefits under severance agreement

It is difficult for workers when they lose their jobs, regardless of the reasons. Some companies may offer employees a severance agreement in an effort to give them some income while they attempt to find new employment. When Texas workers are denied this money without just cause, some may choose to stand up and try to claim what they believe is rightfully owed to them.

Decorated officer claims she was the victim of sexual harassment

A female officer who worked in the Human Trafficking Unit is claiming that she was forced to endure a hostile workplace. According to her complaint, the woman was subjected to severe sexual harassment from her male coworkers. She began working on the force in 2001 and was awarded a Texas Purple Heart in 2006 after being dragged and run over while she was chasing a suspect.

Racist remarks and unfair pay lead to a discrimination claim

In most cases, employees receive equal pay and treatment regardless of any protected status characteristics, but that is not the case everywhere. A black woman who worked for a Texas tax assessor's office is claiming that she was the victim of workplace discrimination that eventually led to her losing her job. She claims that she had complained to the tax assessor about racist remarks from her white coworkers as well as not receiving consistent training.

Fire captains accuse their city of a failure to pay overtime

In most companies, there will be times when the business becomes exceedingly busy. Workers may be expected to work above and beyond their standard hours. One of the benefits to the employees is that they should at least be compensated for their hard work. When this doesn't happen, the Texas company may have some very upset workers if there is a failure to pay overtime as required.

Driver alleges retaliation after complaining about safety issues

Safety is a major concern in most businesses, principally to ensure that employees and customers are not injured. Texas workers who notice that safety precautions are not being followed as they should may voice their concerns in the hopes of having the problems corrected. This type of behavior is not always rewarded, and there are instances when the employees may face retaliation in the form of a wrongful termination instead.

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