Texas Blood Center Accused of Race Discrimination

Race discrimination can be a toxic practice in the workplace, injuring the professional advancement of a qualified employee, and placing an employer at risk for legal action. A woman formerly employed at a Texas blood care center recently accused her employer of race discrimination after missing an opportunity to apply for a new position. She filed a formal complaint, claiming the because of their discriminatory actions, the blood center is in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The problem began shortly after the woman was hired at the blood center. A few months into her employment, the company created new positions and made them available for applicants. The woman apparently reached out to the human resources department, requesting an opportunity to apply for the positions.

She reportedly expressed her ongoing desire for the change through training and contact with the blood center's recruiters. The new scheduling assistant positions were quickly filled by two women of a different race than the interested employee. She claims her employer denied her the opportunity to apply for either of the available spots.

The woman asserts that the two new assistants were not qualified for the position through a lack of experience and sleeping on the job. Missing an opportunity for company advancement because of race can be a difficult and painful experience for an employee. Although accusing a Texas company of race discrimination through pro se legal action -- as is the case here --  may expose the problem, a victim may desire professional help to attempt to receive rightful restitution.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Employee accuses Tyler blood center of racial discrimination", Andrea Dearden, Sept. 15, 2015