Migrant Workers Sue for Violation of Labor, Wage and Hour Laws

A group of migrant workers recently made the decision to file a lawsuit against a seed company for violation of labor laws concerning migrant workers and federal wage and hour laws. Many of the victims claim they suffered the inappropriate conditions and missing pay while working at a production farm located in Texas. An employee that believes wage and hour laws have been broken may seek to enforce their rights by pursuing the missing income.

The migrants were responsible for removing the tassels from corn while it was still in the ground. This physically difficult task can be exhausting and require a person to spend time bent to the ground in the heat. Basic work conditions, including clean drinking water and bathroom facilities, can be a necessity for a person working long hours in the heat.

The workers allege that they were underpaid while working in unsafe conditions without adequate drinking water sources. They claim to have not been provided proper housing or transportation, in addition to the poor water resources. Records indicate that the employer purportedly failed to provide bathrooms and sinks to workers and may not have compensated them for all hours worked.

The suit alleges that the seed company also failed to provide housing that met federal safety and health restrictions. A total of 32 workers and seven of their children have pursued the suit against the company. A Texas worker that has suffered in unsafe conditions and was not fairly compensated may seek professional help as they review wage and hour laws.

Source: baytownsun.com, "Seed company sued by migrant workers in Michigan", , Aug. 24, 2014