Houston Independent School District Accused After Termination

Many educators teach because they are passionate about helping children shape their future through knowledge. When this opportunity is removed from a faithful and loving teacher through termination, they may question the situation as they work through their emotions. A man that previously worked as a fourth-grade teacher for a Houston school believes he suffered termination due to his ethnicity.

He recently accused the Houston Independent School District of racial discrimination that resulted in his loss of position. Following the close of a recent school year, the man was reportedly denied the option to renew his contract with the school to continue teaching. The school administration purportedly explained to the teacher that he was not being retained due to his previous job performance.

The victim claims he was unaware of any performance discrepancies and had never been informed of a problem. Shortly before the decision to let the teacher go, a new principal was placed at the school. The former teacher alleges that his superior intended to damage him professionally and made false claims regarding his teaching ability. He believes he was not a given adequate opportunity to correct any performance problems before the dissolution of his contract.

Reports indicate that the former fourth-grade teacher had received an appropriate review from the previous principal and other teachers with knowingly poor performance received contract renewals. The man claims that the Houston Independent School District engaged in retaliation, discrimination and breached his contract. He seeks restitution for missing wages and benefits. An educator that has also suffered unfair termination may seek help pursuing appropriate compensation and related relief for the personal and professional damages they may have suffered.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Former teacher accuses Houston school district of discrimination", , Sept. 17, 2014