Former Texas Captain Accuses Chief of Retaliation

Police officers and those who work with peace officers often operate under a certain level of expectation that comes from serving the public. When a person believes they have experienced retaliation due to their race from a superior with authority, they may feel angry and oppressed. A former Texas police captain recently claimed he suffered retaliation from his former boss due to potential racism.

The situation first began when police were called to the home of the captain for a purported case of domestic assault. A month after the alleged altercation took place, police issued a misdemeanor arrest warrant for the captain, who later retired from the department. He made the decision to turn himself in and was arrested.

The former captain was not charged for the assault accusation made by his wife, and court records state that he will not be in the future. He claims that his superior, the chief of police, is behind the retaliation. He believes that the situation was investigated and treated differently due to his ethnicity and suggests that the assault never took place, but was used to target him.

Police officers and investigators are responsible for maintaining proper protocol and ensuring safety and fairness to those that rely on their services. When a person in authority fails to take advantage of this and acts without integrity, they may face serious consequences. A city employee in Texas who has suffered retaliation from a supervisor may feel that their job and personal life has been threatened. Some people may seek out professional help to investigate the situation and hold the liable person responsible for their actions.

Source:, "Arrested Fort Worth police captain alleges retaliation", Deanna Boyd, Aug. 29, 2014