Texas Man Pursues Wrongful Termination Suit

Suffering wrongful termination can be difficult for a seasoned professional that has worked hard to get where they are. The financial strain and embarrassment that may accompany the difficult experience can leave a victim with anger, many questions, and searching for relief. A man that previously worked as the assistant principal for a Texas high school recently made the decision to continue to press forward in an attempt to prove he suffered a wrongful termination.

The former employee commenced a lawsuit against the Texas school district after he was fired. The original ruling of the courts favored the victim and ordered that he be compensated $2 million for what he may have been subjected to. The school district made the decision to appeal the verdict.

Representatives of the former assistant principal believe that the school board may have acted illegally by making the decision to move forward with an appeal in a meeting closed to the public. It is claimed that the decision violated the state's Open Meetings Act. If the courts agree, the school board's still pending appeal could be voided. Moreover, the former assistant principal is also suing the school board and a formerly employed superintendent for defamation.

The Texas man has apparently struggled in his pursuit of justice. A large company or organization that does not want to accept liability for the potential wrongful termination of an employee may contest the accusation vigorously. Nevertheless, a person that has suffered as a result of the unlawful practices of their former employer may also seek help in attempting to prove responsibility and collect restitution for their financial and professional damages.

Source: fwweekly.com, "A New Mouthpiece", , Oct. 8, 2014