Texas Man Accused AT&T of Gender Discrimination

A Texas man that formerly worked as a contract employee with AT&T recently accused the company of gender discrimination. A person that experiences inappropriate comments and actions while at work as a result of their gender may make the decision to expose the problem. The victim claims that he suffered serious gender discrimination and abuse from colleagues and believes that the company attempted to prohibit his ability to share recorded audio evidence.

The situation began when coworkers allegedly harassed the victim through verbal comments and placed a discriminatory sign in his chair. The victim purportedly reported the harassment to his supervisor and -- after being relayed to the next level of superiority -- was taken back to the perpetrator, placing the victim in a situation where he questioned his safety. As a result of the apparent discrimination and abuse, the Texas man requested a transfer of position and formally reported the situation against AT&T.

Within a week of making the report, the man was terminated from his contract position. After being let go, the victim made the decision to file a claim and was invited to participate in mediation with AT&T. Records show that the colleagues accused of discrimination denied any participation in the situation, leading the representatives of the company to make the decision to contest and deny the man's accusations.

Reports indicate that the Texas man that claims to have suffered gender discrimination may have been offered a monetary adjustment during mediation in an attempt to avoid releasing the recording. He has made the choice to continue to pursue justice for the painful and illegal experience he says he to have been subjected to. A person in a similar situation may choose to seek guidance as they navigate the process they are facing.

Source: advocate.com, "Texas Trans Man Won't Back Down From AT&T Discrimination Claim", Mitch Kellaway, Sept. 24, 2014