Man Alleges Discrimination After Losing Job at Texas Store

In the current economic climate, many people seem to have difficulty obtaining steady employment. Recently, one Texas man who had held the same position for 19 years is claiming discrimination after being fired from that position. He has filed a civil suit against his former employer over the matter.

According to this former employee's account, he had worked for his employer, H-E-B Grocery Co., since 1995, with no previous record of company discipline. He claims that he was fired after he became concerned about the treatment of a fellow employee. He stated that he had conducted his own investigation into what he described as the inferior treatment of a minority race worker.

He has further alleged that the company fired him after he completed his investigation. He did not elaborate on what -- if anything -- he had purportedly discovered about the incident that he was investigating. He also did not disclose whether he approached his superiors about his concerns. However, he has filed a lawsuit against his former company, alleging that he was terminated without just cause.

The man is seeking lost wages and restoration to his former position. He is also seeking recompense for his costs thus far. There was no indication of whether the company had responded to the allegations this employee has made. This Texas resident exercised his right to formally file a complaint of discrimination in this instance. Any worker who believes that he or she has suffered a similar injustice through wrongful termination or a related issue is likewise entitled to seek a remedy through the court system.

Source:, "Man claims HEB job loss based on discrimination", Kelly Holleran, Oct. 12, 2014