Former Employee Sues for Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in a Texas workplace can be destructive and harmful to victims and their colleagues. An employer who does not properly handle a harassment situation may be held liable for any resulting damages. A man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer for what he believes was sexual harassment and discrimination.

He was employed at a vehicle retailer as an operations supervisor for their installation department. The victim has accused one of his subordinates of ongoing sexual harassment that was allowed to continue without potential reprimand. The former employee claims that his female perpetrator made verbal requests for special attention and pet names to be used when he conversed with her. He claims that the harassment may have included inappropriate comments regarding his genitals as well.

When the installation supervisor reported the harassment to the operations manager and human resources department, he reports that they instructed him to handle the situation independently and failed to review the potential problem. The victim claims that his superior, the operations manager, intentionally treated ethnically diverse and male employees differently than other workers. He also believes that his manager specifically requested he complete a higher volume of work responsibilities than his colleague of a different race.

The victim was placed on an improvement plan and eventually terminated. He believes that this was in direct retaliation to his sexual harassment claim. The man has requested that his former employer furnish court costs in addition to specific damages that include the loss of income. Any employee in Texas who suffers unfair consequences as a result of inflicted sexual harassment may seek help pursuing restitution and exposing the company responsible for the illegal practice.

Source:, "Man claims sexual harassment led to job loss", Kelly Holleran, Oct. 10, 2014