Woman in Texas Sues County Clerk's Office for Retaliation

Retaliation against a whistleblower in Texas can have serious legal consequences for a company in the event it is found liable for the action. Reports indicate that requests to move a whistleblower lawsuit filed against a Texas County Clerk's Office for retaliation to federal court were recently made. The Civil Legal Division within the country filed a formal notice requesting that the case be moved.

This was purportedly made due to specific federal questions that exist within the case pertaining to a potential violation of rights. The lawsuit alleges that the victim suffered a violation of her constitutional rights after she was wrongfully terminated for political retaliation and making reports of inappropriate activity to federal officials. The former chief deputy filed the whistleblower lawsuit against the County Clerk's office for what she believes was a specifically designed campaign against her.

She claims that the adverse action from the County Clerk began after she refused to support his judge candidate in an approaching election. The victim claims that her position with the county was healthy and amicable until her direct refusal to support the Clerk's candidate. The lawsuit also accuses the County Clerk of retaliation after the victim reported his use of illegal and inappropriate contracts to the FBI.

The victim has asked that she be placed back in her former position as well as compensated for financial strain and missing wages. She has also requested restitution for the professional and personal damages she has suffered as a result of the wrongful termination and retaliation. An employee in Texas who believes he or she has been penalized after revealing company information may seek guidance when attempting to prove the illegal action and reverse the damages suffered.

Source: valleymorningstar.com, "County wants to suit in federal court", Emma Perez-Trevino, Nov. 17, 2014