Texan Man Accuses Former Employer of Wrongful Termination

A Texas man recently filed a lawsuit against his previous place of business for what he believes to have been wrongful termination as a result of racial discrimination. As the situation escalated, the victim looked to fill another position within the company but was not promoted or transferred. He believes this may be attributed to direct retaliation that resulted in a wrongful termination.

The man was employed in the company's fabrication division as a welding professional when the harassment purportedly occurred. He claims that his supervisor, a man of different ethnicity, began to use inappropriate racial slurs against him while at work. As the racial discrimination and harassment elevated, the victim communicated his offense and asked his perpetrator to cease the comments. The supervisor then approached a mutual manager and made a complaint against the victim, prompting the manager to confront the Texas man in what was described as an aggressive tone.

The victim claims that following the situation, the racial harassment continued and spiraled into retaliation as he tried to combat the abusive workplace environment. He made the decision to go above his supervisors and contact human resources. He was informed that an investigation would be conducted but at the risk of his position should they find the racial harassment accusation to be invalid.

As a result, the Texas man developed an anxiety disorder and suffered hypertension, which led to missed time at work. After an absence at work, he says he was pressured into filling out an incorrect timesheet and was later terminated for furnishing a false time report. The victim seeks restitution for multiple financial and personal damages he claims to have suffered as a result of the discrimination and wrongful termination. A person in a similar situation may question their rights and seek professional help as they look to enforce their legal rights and correct the situation.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Welder says termination due to racial slurs against him", Kelly Holleran, Oct. 27, 2014