Man Claims Racial Discrimination Against Texas Company

Racial discrimination in the workplace can create a toxic environment and place employees in a difficult situation. A man that worked as a machinist for a local Texas company recently filed a complaint against his former employer for race discrimination and other grievances. Reports indicate that he believes his ethnic minority status at the company led to his medical problems and was directly linked to his eventual termination.

When the victim first began to experience the harassment, he requested his employer grant him a transfer in an attempt to remove himself from the abusive environment. The request was denied, and supervisors met to discuss the request and purported discrimination. The man asserts that the harassment continued after this meeting, creating a very stressful environment to work within.

The stressful workplace had a negative impact on the victim's health, making it difficult to sleep and leading to the development of fatigue, anxiety, and stress problems. The victim was unknowingly suffering from Hepatitis C, which became seriously affected as a result of the stress and fatigue. During this time, his employer reportedly constantly altered his shift time, making his day and night schedule difficult to follow.

Physicians requested he is provided a regular schedule at work, though the Texas company allegedly refused to accommodate the victim. The victim believes that his former employer is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act for failing to make his position available to him regardless of his health disability and disallowing his return to work. A person that has experienced disability or racial discrimination in the workplace may also seek professional help pursuing justice and seeking to ensure their rights are respected.

Source:, "Caucasian man claims he faced discrimination by Hispanic coworkers", Oct. 29, 2014