Former Oil Employee Sues for Failure to Pay Overtime

Failure to pay overtime in Texas can have negative financial consequences for workers and may force them to begin questioning their rights as employees. A man who formerly worked in the oil fields as a full-time contractor recently filed a lawsuit against his previous employer for failure to pay overtime. The man claims that the company had intentionally misclassified employees in an attempt to avoid providing benefits and rightful pay.

The victim claims that, during his two-year employment with the company, he regularly worked more than 40 hours in a week, though he did not receive overtime pay. During that time, he was responsible for building water tanks and other construction projects as well as containing spills and operating specific equipment. Specific state laws protect workers from being taken advantage of by their employer and may make overtime pay an option for some people.

The oil contractor accused his former employer of micromanagement while completing various assignments that may have contributed to his inability to earn additional income while employed with the oil company. He claims that this and his level of skill left little time to seek any other job opportunities. Although a specific amount of restitution has not been requested in the suit, the man believes that he should have received time and a half for the overtime he worked.

The man believes that other workers suffered the same wage problems he did. Reports indicate that the man has made the decision to seek a class action against the oil company. The failure to pay overtime may have inflicted adverse financial consequences on the victim and other contractors employed by the oil company. A Texas resident who feels that he or she has not been compensated for the amount of work he or she has been provided may seek professional help with taking action.

Source:, "Former oil worker files lawsuit about overtime pay", Dave Kolpack, Nov. 19, 2014