Employer Retaliation Suit Moved to Federal Court

Sexual harassment and employer retaliation lawsuit filed against a manager in a media company's Houston, Texas, branch by a former employee was recently moved out of a Harris County court and into federal court. The lawsuit is based on allegations made by the employee stating that he was ultimately terminated after refusing sexual advances from his manager. The lawsuit follows complaints of employer retaliation the employee made to both federal and state employment and civil rights organizations.

The victim previously worked as a sales representative for the Houston media company and claims he suffered lengthy and continuous workplace sexual harassment. The man claims that his female superior would touch herself and make inappropriate comments and advances that made him uncomfortable. Claims made by the employee indicate that the harassment increased over time and became more aggressive.

The victim claims that his work environment became hostile and uncomfortable due to his refusal to submit to his manager's advances. The victim took time away from work for oral surgery, which he believes was used as an excuse for his termination. He alleges that his eventual termination was a form of retaliation in connection with his refusal to participate in a relationship with his manager.

In the state of Texas, as in all states, there are laws in place to protect employees. These laws provide protection against all kinds of civil and employment rights infringements, including workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and employer retaliation. Employees who are suffering from any type of harassment have the right to pursue damages for their treatment in a court of law. 

Source: allaccess.com, "Sexual Harassment Suit Against Cox/Houston Moved To Federal Court", Nov. 3, 2014