Veteran Club Accused of Workplace Sexual Harassment

The state of Texas maintains a healthy standard of proper behavior for employees and employers and has placed regulations to protect people from workplace sexual harassment. When a worker does fall victim to workplace sexual harassment, they may be confused about how to report the incident and protect their professional position. An employee of the nonprofit veteran service American Legion recently accused the organization of retaliation for reporting abuse that she received while at work.

The woman claims to have experienced a cut in the work hours she was permitted to complete as well as a decrease in her wages. This was purportedly following her claim against a board member for sexual harassment. She has maintained her position at the clubhouse regardless of accusations and her position changes. A victim may not have the financial capability or resume to find a new position and should not be required to resign from their place of employment because of the actions of another party.

Records indicate that the victim filed a four-page document outlining the sexual harassment situation she claims to have been exercised against her and others. She met with a board of executives for the Legion and verbally communicated her belief that she, other employees, and patrons had experienced sexual harassment within the establishment. Within 10 days the employee was presented with documentation outlining a pay and hour cut and expectation for continued workload which had been determined and implemented by the board.

Upon refusal of changes, the woman was informed by her superior that she would continue to experience loss until she made the decision to resign from her position. An employee in Texas who clearly experiences retaliation from their exposure to workplace sexual harassment may feel angry and fearful about their future with their place of employment. A person may choose to pursue guidance in navigating the difficult task of exposing inappropriate harassment and secure their professional future.