Texas Woman Files Suit Involving Workplace Sexual Harassment

Surviving workplace sexual harassment and assault can result in long-term physical and emotional damages. Making the decision to report a situation where workplace sexual harassment has occurred can be difficult for many people. A lawsuit for violation of the Civil Rights Act was recently filed against the Department of Veterans Affairs following the alleged harassment and physical assault of an employee.

The Texas woman responsible for instigating the suit has accused the agency of ignoring the attack she claims physically injured her. She was purportedly assaulted by her coworker following lengthy and ongoing sexual harassment received from this person. Her lawsuit maintains that the physical confrontation caused additional harm to a pre-existing shoulder injury, which has resulted in her disability.

The victim reported discrimination, sexual harassment, and the resulting injury from the attack to her supervisors. She has accused her employer of recording the incident in a flippant manner and downplaying the severity of the situation. An employee who is met with disregard when reporting workplace sexual harassment may feel angry after the conversation and be confused about their personal rights.

The exact amount of damages the Texas woman is seeking stemming from her workplace sexual harassment allegations was not detailed in a recent report, but it was said to be within the limits allowed by that jurisdiction. Exposing the emotional pain and suffering that accompanies a physical assault can be challenging for a person fearful of losing their position or reputation. Some victims may seek professional guidance in protecting their rights and seeking restitution for the injuries they have suffered.

Source: setexasrecord.com, "Department of Veterans Affairs sued after woman injured in assault by coworker", Annie Cosby, May 6, 2014