Texas Power Company LP&L Accused of Workplace Retaliation

Retaliation in the workplace can have a devastating effect on company morale and the professional career of those involved. It can leave an employee with feelings of insignificance and worry. A Texas employee recently filed a complaint against the CEO and two supervisors at Lubbock Power & Light for employment retaliation on-the-job.

The worker claims to have been a victim of retaliation when the upper management of LP&L placed him on paid leave following a personal attempt to meet with the City Manager. The company had reportedly discovered the worker’s communication of inappropriate practices within the organization when he met with the manager. During the time of his leave, he was contacted by the Human Resources Department at LP&L to inform him of an investigation against him.

The man accused the LP&L CEO of sharing private information in inappropriate forums for the personal advancement of the company, in addition to other personal grievances. The employee expressed his belief that he had been penalized by his employer in connection with discord between the company and another entity. He was ultimately asked to permanently leave his position and the company.

The worker has not requested compensation or restitution, but he desires to be reinstated in his position and be compensated for the work he performs. A Texas worker who has suffered retaliation at work may fear for their position. An employee is protected by state and federal laws and has every right to ask for assistance in protecting their career and financial future.

Source: ktre.com, "LP&L employee files grievance against CEO", Alex Zielinski, May 13, 2014