Texas College Accused of Wrongful Termination

A worker with seniority that has suffered wrongful termination may feel confused and frustrated following the loss of their job. A person may question their ability to fight against injustice and may seek to better understand their rights as an employee. Texas Southmost College was recently accused of wrongful termination when three former employees claim they lost their job due to their advanced age.

The faculty workers filed the suit against the institution for what they believed to be the special treatment given to other non-tenured employees. They claim that the President and Provost intentionally gave precedence to those without long-term permanent positions, which damaged the professional advancement of resident professors with master's degrees. When termination decisions were made, the three former employees believe that the permanent faculty over the age of 40 was intentionally compromised.

Some believe that there is a distinct age difference between tenured and non-tenured professors at Texas college. The school is defending against the accusations, including its potential violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Sources claim that TSU could potentially attempt to have the case dismissed.

Employees that suffered potential wrongful termination due to discriminatory administrative decisions may choose to pursue legal action against their former employer. The three terminated faculty members desire to be rehired as permanent staff and be compensated for their current loss of income. A Texas worker that believes they have been penalized for their age may choose to investigate their legal rights against the party deemed responsible.

Source: brownsvilleherald.com, "TSC responds to lawsuit filed by three former instructors", Mark Reagan, April 30, 2014