Settlement Proposed for Wrongful Termination Suit

An employee that voices safety concerns that end in wrongful termination may feel confusion regarding their rights in Texas. A person who has suffered professional damage from their previous place of employment may choose to investigate their options for severance. A woman recently reached a preliminary settlement with her former employer for her alleged wrongful termination.

Records reveal that the woman was a veteran employee of the city, with tenure of over two decades, and she worked as the coordinator for utility programs. She claims to have lost her position following her open concern for the water safety of the city. She believed that the city water being reclaimed was traveling through the pipelines intended for drinking water, potentially causing a great health risk to people who consumed the water. Allowing non-potable water to come in contact with drinking water through city pipes has the ability to impact thousands of people.

She accused the city of retaliation for her honesty which led to wrongful termination. She proceeded to pursue a lawsuit against her former employee for the injustices she felt she had suffered. Reports indicate that the insurance provider for the city made the decision to propose a preliminary settlement days before the trial was scheduled to begin.

The journey of concern and investigation of water safety that was met with retaliation and discharge of the victim may find a resolution with the pending settlement. When a Texas worker feels they have experienced wrongful termination through the actions of their employer they may have financial worry. A victim may seek guidance in pursuing claims for restitution for monetary damages sustained.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Fired Boca Raton employee settles wrongful termination case", Anne Geggis, May 20, 2014